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You can come to me for many different types of color treatments. My heart beats fastest for creative coloring, but you can also contact me for an even coloring or outgrowth treatment. A consultation will first take place with each treatment, during which I take a good look at what your wishes are, what is possible, what suits you and I also like to think about how that works in the long term. I also give advice on care. Before the treatment takes place I will also see if it fits within your budget. I also ask that you take a good look at my Booking conditions before making an appointment.

With every treatment I also use K18 to protect your hair from damage and to repair it from damage already done. This in combination with a demineralizing treatment, to ensure that we can get the very best out of the treatment.

For a more precise estimate of the price and time needed to do your hair, you can always contact me. I can be reached via Whatsapp, Instagram and email. Because every treatment is personally tailored to you, I cannot make an accurate online price list. I am also happy to help if you are in doubt about the choice you have to make online.

This is often the right choice if you want blonde, or a few shades lighter! Three very different techniques with three different results, but to avoid confusion I won’t make you pick between all 3.

Full bleaching, faceframing, a sunkissed look, ombre, or updating a previous treatment as mentioned above, you name it. The prices are from €180 and can go up to €290.

You, or someone else screwed up your hair a little? 6 years of Henna on your head? From black to blonde? Completely bleached into oblivion but you want something different?

This is really custom work, and it will vary enormously on a case-by-case basis what is needed. That’s why I think it’s important to have plenty of time for you. We will discuss what we can do within your budget, within my capabilities and of course what your hair can handle. An extensive consultation will first take place for this. I will present several options to tackle the problem and then we choose which option suits you best.

Color corrections start from €200 and can be quite expensive. You can also choose to work in multiple sessions to spread the costs and if it benefits the health of your hair. All options will be discussed in detail, we can also do a test strand in advance so that you know better where you stand.

Bright pink, rainbows, moneypieces, fashion colors, prism colors, hair tattoos, color melts, color block, am I forgetting something?
The sky is the limit ✨. I specialize in creative colors and like to think along with you about the possibilities. Because there is a lot of variation in creative coloring, it is difficult to estimate what the price will be without first discussing it carefully and without taking a good look at your hair. It is often also necessary to bleach the hair first, which sometimes makes the price a bit higher. If you want more information about that you can always contact us first, but I will also discuss it with you before we start.

The prices for a creative color are from €180 and can go up to €350.

A special calculation will be made for a creative color that does not require bleaching first.

Think of an even coloring of the regrowth or the entire hair where nothing needs to be bleached. You can also choose this option if you only want a toner.

This treatment starts from €55 for a regrowth and can go up to €100 for the entire hair and surcharges.

With every haircut we discuss your wishes and possibilities. I will advise and think with you where desired. Usually I first cut a base in wet hair after which I perfect it in dry hair, but when the situation calls for it, I sometimes deviate from that.

I make no distinction in gender when it comes to prices. I do in the styling that is desired and / or necessary after wet cutting. I will therefore also count the latter for particularly long or a lot of hair, if I notice that I need extra time.
The last option also if you want a larger or more intricate hair tattoo.

Wash, cut and dry: 52,-
Washing, cutting and extensive styling: 62,-.