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Hiya sweetheart,

How nice that you found me! If you don’t know me yet; I’m Jodie and as the name might suggest the one who runs this thing. Art school dropout turned hairdresser. After 9 years of working at different locations of Kinki Kappers franchise, I was ready for something more personal. I have learned a lot in those 9 years, followed countless training courses and obtained certificates and I am very excited to unleash all that knowledge and passion on your head!

I think it’s especially important that when you’re in my chair that you feel comfortable. Actually that’s not even enough, I want you to feel at home. I don’t care who you are, what you look like or who you kiss. I want to give you a haircut in which you feel yourself + some extra sparkle. I identify as queer and am neurodiverse, and welcome you to my chair if you are as well. Also when you are in transition and you need some extra support and advice about your hair, you are more than welcome.

My specialty is definitely colors. I can certainly provide you with a cool haircut by cutting, but with colors I can completely release all my powers. Balayages, whole heads full of baby lights, full-on clown, scene-queen realness, subtle color shades, you name it. Take a look at my instagram to see what I mean.

Hopefully see you soon 💖